Voter Registration Drive – Ballyfermot

As part of the Citizenship Programme, the Community Development Team (Ballyfermot
Partnership) in collaboration with Dublin City South Volunteer Centre took part in a Voter Registration Drive for Ballyfermot.

This involved a training session for D10 provided by the Vincentians Partnership. 17 people attended the training on the day and included representatives from the CDP’s, FRC’s, and the Local Employment Service. The aim of the training was to ensure that groups could assist those unable or unsure as to the process involved when registering to vote. 18 organizations, which included the CDP’s, FRC’s and other community groups, were also given registration forms in order to meet this need. The Team was involved in a two-day voter registration drive, which took place in Tesco. There were 64 new registrations in total with several queries also received (see below).



Voter Registration Drive – Tesco


Thursday 16th and Saturday 18th of November


– 34 new registrations

– Approximately 150 queries


– 30 new registration
– Approximately 200 queries
regarding other postal areas
and information regarding the
election, how to vote etc.
There were also queries regarding first time votes,
postal votes and non-national votes.

The volunteers involved received positive feedback regarding the drive. Some individuals stated that they were unaware as to the method to use in the retrieval of such information.

Ballyfermot Partnership, Dublin City South Volunteer Centre, the Ballyfermot Family Resource Centre, the Link CDP, and Ballyfermot Community Church were involved in the two-day drive.