10 Things Every Voter Should Know

  1. Remember your name must be on the electoral register in order to Vote. The registration form is available from your local authority, post office, garda station or library.

  2. If you are not sure you are registered you can check with your local authority or on the website www.checktheregister.ie

  3. If you are registered or have been registered also check with your local authority, as some people’s names have ‘fallen’ off the register.

  4. If you have moved house since you last voted – update your details with your new local authority and/or electoral area.

  5. Remember after the age of 18 your children or anyone in your family, are now entitled to Vote. Complete the form and encourage them to vote.

  6. Become acquainted with the candidates and issues on the ballot.

  7. If you meet a candidate in a public place or he/she comes to your door canvassing for your Vote – be sure to raise your issues of concern with them.

  8. Follow media coverage and local media but keep an open mind!

  9. On polling day - know where your polling station is and know what time the polls open and close

  10. On Election day – Go out and Vote, Encourage others to Vote and use your Vote Wisely!