How Do I Vote?

First we need to register in order to be able to Vote in the next Election. Some of us may already be registered voters, but if we don’t use our vote our voice will not be heard at election time.

To find out if you are registered to vote click on the following link

There are 4 application forms RFA RFA1 RFA2 RFA3 available to download on

Below are the 4 application forms:

When you are registered Voting is straightforward. You simply follow this procedure:

  • About a week before the election you will receive a polling card by post, giving details of where and when you need to go to cast your Vote.
  • When you arrive at the polling station you bring the polling card, go to the desk to be identified and marked off the register. You may be asked for some identification.
  • You are then handed a ballot paper, which displays the names of the candidates in alphabetical order, their photographs and the political party (if any) to which they belong.
  • You then go to the booth and fill in your ballot paper, it is important to write 1 beside the name of your first choice, 2 beside the name of your second choice, 3 beside your third choice and so on as far as you wish to go.

We have a different system of voting from the English. In England they have only 1 choice and they put an ‘X’ beside the name of their choice. In Ireland we have 1 vote and a number of choices. So if your No 1 choice does not get enough votes to be elected your No 2 may be successful. This system we have in Ireland is called Proportional Representation

  • Fold your ballot paper it and place it in the special box – the ballot box

In England people have 1 Vote 1 Choice
In Ireland People have 1 Vote and a number of choices