Voting - Interesting Facts!

Why don’t more Irish People register and Vote?

One of the reasons is they don’t think their one Vote will make a difference. But what if everyone thought this way? The course of history would change.

Did you Know?

  • In 1776 in the USA – One Vote gives America the English language instead of German

  • In England 1649 One vote means King Charles 1 is executed Off with his head!

  • In Germany in 1923, one Vote makes Adolf Hitler leader of the Nazi Party ! Think about it!

  • In the 1987 General Election in Kerry North, Dick Spring won his seat by 4 votes

  • In the 2002 General Election in Cork South-Central, Kathy Sinnott(Ind) lost by 6 votes to John Dennehy (FF) on the 10th count

  • In the same General Election in Limerick West Dan Neville won by one Vote and Michael Finucane lost by one Vote


Each and every Vote is the Voice of an Irish Citizen. One voice speaking out can change the course of history.