What Else Can I Do?

whatelseConvinced about the importance of Voting – Yes ! Then spread the word:

  • Start your own Voter registration Drive! Convince others of the importance of being registered to Vote.
  • Tell others about this website – www.vote.ie
  • Influence your family and friends that their Vote is their Voice. Remind them that if they don’t Vote they can’t complain
  • Teach your children the value of voting
  • Lots of people especially the elderly or people with a disability can’t drive or do not have transport – Give someone a lift or assistance to get to the polls
  • Follow your issues in any sources available to you: news programmes, newspapers, news magazines, internet. Watch to see what your elected officials are saying and how they are voting on these issues
  • Write/email/telephone/visit local councillors or TDs highlighting issues in your area that need attention. Remind them you are a registered Voter and will be voting in the next election
  • Attend events at which an elected official or candidate will be speaking. Invite a friend along! If there is an opportunity to ask questions, prepare questions in advance. If there isn’t an opportunity for questions, try to meet the candidate after the speech and mention your concerns
  • Become a member of a group that shares your values and concerns and that works on your key issues.
  • Start a campaign/petition
  • Support Voter Education programmes in your local community and schools
  • Avail of the opportunity to participate in an Active Citizenship/Voter Education workshop facilitated by DALC. For details about this email info@dalc.ie