Why Bother?

Many people do not trouble to vote at election times.

The following Table shows the National Trends for the Voter Turnout at General Elections

National Trends for General Elections (1969 – 2016)

While the 2011 voter turnout increase of 3% from 2007 is to be welcomed it needs to be remembered that only 59% voted in the 2009 EU and Local Government Elections Both of these elections concern important matters which impact on the daily lives of all citizens. As citizens we have the responsibility on the 23 rd of May 2014 to use our vote in a way in which serves the best interests of the country. This means becoming informed about the roles and responsibilities of MEPs and Local Councillors and the suitability of Candidate.

Our Vote is Our Voice – our opportunity to contribute to the common good – the good of all Irish people.

  • In Ireland today few people are voting - Voters make things happen – if you want change it is important to Vote
  • Low voting areas lose out – high voting areas benefit and get more attention from politicians
  • We are responsible for the kind of politicians we get – Don’t complain if you don’t Vote
  • 6 out of 10 people elect our politicians –if you are not one of these it’s important to register
  • People struggled to get the vote. Some people still do not have the right. In Ireland we should exercise our right
  • Everyone is equal at on Election day – We all have one vote - the richest and most powerful - the poorest and disadvantaged

registerdontdelay YOUR VOTE CAN SWAY

Don’t Delay - Register Today

If you’re not in, you can’t win
If you’re not registered – you can’t vote

Don’t miss your Chance to Vote – Register Now!

You can register up to 15 working days before the election and a link to the Supplementary Registration Form(RFA2)

For inclusion in the supplement to the register, application forms will need to be received by the registration authority for the area in which the applicant is resident not later than 6 May 2014.

For those seeking inclusion in the supplement to the postal and special voters lists, the application forms will need to be received by the registration authority not later than 26 April 2014.