Non Voters – The Experience of the Vincentian Partnership

From their experience of working with over 1000 groups in disadvantaged communities during the past 20 years the Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice noted:

  • Many people choose not to vote because they believe their vote/voice has no value.
  • A large number of people who do not vote said they abstain because they do not know how to complete a Ballot Sheet or how to register as a voter.
  • Considerable proportions of non-voters are intimidated by language and the presentation of politicians and candidates.
  • There is very little effort being made by social and political leaders in Ireland today to recognise, understand and respond to this decreased participation in the democratic process.

Photographs from Different Workshops

Tipperary Mulhuddart_Dublin M_wexford Dublin_City_Council_Offices_Non_Nationals

Voter Education – Active Citizenship Programme

To achieve a more inclusive and just society it is necessary for all the citizens to appreciate the power of their vote, to participate in the democratic electoral process and to engage in civil society. It was with this in mind that the V.P.S.J. undertook to promote a Voter Education – Active Citizenship Programme.