The Active Citizenship/Voter Education Programme

workshop1 Main Programme with focus on General Elections

  • Is a facilitated workshop process of 3 or 4 sessions of approximately 2½ hours each
  • Each workshop deals with a Unit of material:

Unit I explores with people the reasons to vote and demonstrates how to register and how to vote.

Unit II considers ways of taking an informed stance on important issues facing people today.

Unit III outlines a process for evaluating election manifestos in the light of a more just society and presents an approach to choosing candidates on an informed basis.

  • Is strictly non party-political and non-profit
  • Is 85% participation and 15% presentation
  • Is enjoyable, informative and interesting
  • Can be adapted time wise and number wise to suit the needs of different groups
  • Is available as a training for trainers workshop as well as directly for groups
  • Has encouraged people to believe in their power to influence decisions and to bring about change and to influence what is happening in their country to participate in the life of their local communities to use their civil right to vote in all elections take steps towards helping themselves, their families and communities to have a better quality of life.

Training Trainers - Axtive Citizenship/Voter Education Workshops

  • Training Trainers to facilitate the Programme 2 full days

Local Government and E.U. Elections

Two additional units were created in 2008

Unit IV Local Government Elections

Unit V E.U. Elections

  • Facilitation with Community Groups 2-3 workshops
  • Training Trainers to facilitate the Programme 1 full day