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The Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice was established in 1996

  to work for social and economic change - tackling poverty and exclusion


Whats Current?


Questions to ask Candidates in the General Election 2016

Supplement Closing Date - Now Closed

Tuesday 09-02-2016 is the closing date for your Local Authority to receive an application for entry to the Supplement to the register of electors for the general election.


Register of Electors 2016 – 2017

Currently showing the register for 2016 - 2017 which comes into force on 15 February 2016.

Postal - Special Voters Supplement - Now Closed

Friday 05-02-2016 is the closing date for your Local Authority to receive an application for entry to the Supplement to the Postal or Special voters list for the general election.

For any other queries relating to  Voter Registration  -

please phone your County Countil list is below

POST FORMS to your County Council which is in the list below

The link below provides provides a list of all County Councils 

 LIST OF Local Authority County Councils contact details phone numbers email addresses etc

DO NOT POST FORMS to the Vincentian Partnerhship they have to be posted to your County Council







General Election 2016

Last Day for Voter Registration - November 25th 2015

If you want to VOTE in the General Election 2016

you will need to be included in the Register of Electors www.checktheregister.ie  

If you are not already registered you need to

complete the Registration Form and ensure it reaches

The Franchise Section of your Local Authority before or on November 25th

 LIST OF Local Authority County Councils contact details phone numbers email addresses etc

Do not post application forms to the Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice.



Dont Be in the Dark


Be Informed and VOTE!

An Important Opportunity to Promote Active Citizenship and

Renew Awareness that - Our Vote is Our Voice!

The VPSJ in preparation for the General Election 2016, has begun to facilitate workshops on the Active Citizenship/Voter Education Programme with community groups. The Partnership also provides training for community leaders and refresher sessions for people who have facilitated workshops in previous years. Material – information sheet, brochures on the workshops, on general elections and the importance of registration are also available in hard copies from the VPSJ.

The Vincentian Partnership welcomes opportunities to:

  • Facilitate AC/VEP workshops with Community Groups.
  • Train Community Leaders to facilitate the Programme.
  • Provide refresher sessions for people who are already familiar with it.
  • Meet with Networks of Community Leaders/Workers to stimulate interest in encouraging people to use their Vote as their Voice in Election 2016.

The following 3 brochures and flyer have more detailed information on:

pdfInformation Sheet on AC/VEP  pdfThe Active Citizenship/Voter Education Programme  pdfRegistering to Vote

pdfGeneral Election

If you are interested in obtaining more information on the workshops and material on the AC/VEP contact us by email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 01 8780425

For information on the revised Dail Constituencies for Election 2016 click on the following:

pdfRevised Dail Constituencies - General Election 2016



                               General Elections Voter Turnout





















However the voter turnout in disadvantaged areas can be as low as 25%

Unequal participation - Unequal influence

The VPSJ workshops have been successful in encouraging people to use their VOTE as their VOICE

Between Elections 

Approximately 70% of people living in Ireland voted in the 2011 General Election. Many people believe that by casting their vote they have met their obligation to participate in the democratic system.   Voting at elections time is not enough. If we seek a more just and inclusive society we need to continue to engage with our electoral representatives. This engagement is essential to ensure that promises are honoured and our representatives held accountable!

pdfACP Flyer Workshops Between and After Elections The_elections_are_over_pic_for_website400

5 ways to continue involvement in the democratic system of Ireland and the E.U.

The Elections are Over  - Now Make Sure  Politicians Do our Work - flyer

After the Elections - booklet

 How We Are Governed - booklet

 Your Community Your Role - booklet

 Working for Policy Change at the Local Level - booklet

Facts and Figures which continue to be important in the Post Election Period  collated by David Kutta, Clare Active Citizenship