Voting Resources

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Vote scrabble tiles Register of Electors Online

Vote form Register of Electors - How to complete Form ERF1 

Voting blue hand Voting

Vote ballot boxYou Can Vote

Image of  How does local government impact on my life How does Local Government Impact on my Life?

ChoiceWho can Vote in a Referendum?

Hands participationForms of Participation and Engagement 

Irish flagGovernment in Ireland

EU flagEuropean Union

Dublin City CouncilNational and Local Government - Dublin City Council

polling stationVoting Day!

Voting hands colour Resources for Upcoming Elections for Tutors

Some quick links From:Adrian Kavanagh - Local Election Candidates, Aontas, Dublin City Council, Rochtain, Hope and Courage Collective, Electoral Commission - new video how to vote

Polling station 1Your Vote is Your Voice - What to do on Polling Day

Questions black image Questions to Ask a Candidate

Questions blue image Questions to Ask a Candidate - Images